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DDMK™ Tags for LOVE™- Busy Bees
DDMK™ Tags for LOVE™- Busy Bees
DDMK™ Tags for LOVE™- Busy Bees
DDMK™ Tags for LOVE™- Busy Bees
DDMK™ Tags for LOVE™- Busy Bees
DDMK™ Tags for LOVE™- Busy Bees
DDMK™ Tags for LOVE™- Busy Bees
DDMK™ Tags for LOVE™- Busy Bees
DDMK™ Tags for LOVE™- Busy Bees
DDMK™ Tags for LOVE™- Busy Bees
*Lifetime Warranty:
We stand by the quality of our product. In the unlikely event that your Pet Identity Card breaks, we offer a lifetime warranty. Simply contact us, and we'll send you a new one; you only need to cover the shipping fee.

The first ever Malaysia’s Pet ID Tag is created to safeguard your pets. The numbers of lost and stolen cats and dogs in this country are rising everyday. ​

 Many pets without proper identification have fail to reunite with their owner. Motivated by this, our Pet ID Tags is created to ensure your lost FurBaby comes home safely.

DDMK™ Tags for LOVE™- Busy Bees

  • Pet ID Tag ( Small )
  • Owner Card
  • Secure checkout
  • Life Time Warranty
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  •  After the purchase is made, you’ll receive an email to fill up your pet’s details.
  •  It’ll take about 3-4 weeks to deliver because it’s 100% customized based on your pet’s information.

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Owner Card

(Credit Card Size)
Pet Owner Card can be kept in your wallet and be used as proof of pet ownership. ​

 Size: 8.6cm x 5.4cm [Same size as a credit card] ​
 ✅ Can be kept in wallet ​

 ✅ Use as proof of ownership incase your dog/cat goes missing ​
 ✅ Can be shown at the vet for pet’s details ​

 ✅ Incase you have an emergency, and someone else will be able to locate your pet and look after him/her ​

 ✅ Stylish & Waterproof

Pet Tag

For Pet (Hang On Collar)
Pet ID Tag that can be clipped onto your Furkid’s collar. So no matter where he goes, he will always have identification on him. ​

 Size: 7cm x 3.9cm (Large) / 5.4cm x 2.8cm (Small) 
 *comes with stylish aluminum card frame​

 ✅ Can be hooked on pet’s collar/harness ​

 ✅ Lost & Found Tag ​

 ✅ Pet will always have identification on him ​

 ✅ Can be shown at the vet for pet’s details ​

 ✅ Stylish & Waterproof

What are the differences in both Pet Tags?

SIZE8.6CM*5.4CM7CM*3.9CM (Large) / 5.4CM*2.8CM (Small)
FUNCTIONCan be kept in walletClip on pet's collar/harness
INFORMATIONIncludes vet informationDoes not include vet information due to size
FUNCTIONCan be kept in wallet
INFORMATIONIncludes vet information
SIZE7CM*3.9CM (Large) / 5.4CM*2.8CM (Small)
FUNCTIONClip on pet's collar/harness
INFORMATIONDoes not include vet information due to size

Helping Strays in Our Own Way

Our mission has always been to help the voiceless. This is why with every purchase any of our products, a percentage of sales will be donated to our chosen animal shelters. ​ These donations will help with food, shelter, vaccinations, neutering and to help them find a Furever home. ​ Over the years, we have been rescuing, fostering and even adopting strays ourselves as well.

A portion of the sales goes towards rescuing strays and animal shelters.🐶🐱

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Is this a pet license?

No. This is a fun & creative dog tag, help more lost pets find their way home. You still need to register your pet under your local council.😊

How To Submit Pet Details?

After order/payment confirm, we will reach out to you via WhatsApp to send you a form to fill up all your pet details.

How Long Does It Takes To Order?

It will usually takes up to 3 – 4 weeks to deliver the order because it is 100% customized based on your pet details.

What Details Do You Need For The Pet ID Tag?

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